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Mark Jeffery

Creator of Between The White Lines Summit and Founder of Big Point Player

Hi, I’m Mark,

My mission is to BUILD TENNIS…post code by post code from playground to podium.

I have been a tennis player since the age of four. As a serving Officer in HM Forces I have been blessed to have played tennis in many parts of the World and achieved my boy hood dream of playing on the grass courts of Wimbledon ...not just once but for each year for twelve successive years as that is where we played the RAF and The Navy! I've also run a large commercial indoor tennis centre (the first one in UK) and even been the Events Director for a Super Series Tennis tournament involving the likes of McEnroe, Connors, Bjorn and others.

So I am in love with, addicted to this great sport with so much to be grateful for. And much that in some small way I can give back.

Looking around at the challenges this sport faces, the increasing discontent from The Private Sector, I was reminded of a phrase that an American General said when referring to the discontents...'The dogs bark but the caravan moves on'

It is obvious that the Private Sector of tennis, worldwide, the engine of innovation and growth had no cohesive voice. They were powerless to act as a united force and so the idea of The Summit ...BUILD TENNIS post code by post code, was borne.

This Covid period has been one of the most adrenalin periods of my life! I am in gratitude to The Leadership Council, The International Networks, all the Expert Speakers/Trainers, coaches, innovators, tennis-preneurs that I have spoken to.

The theme and the timing struck a resonant chord.

The opportunity to meet so many giants of the industry. With hearts to match their master craft. All clearly in love with the game and willing to do anything to firstly stop the leaky bucket of participation then secondly make the sport grow.

I have learnt so much from them all.

And now it is your turn.

Over two days, the aims are to provide a focal point for the private sector of tennis worldwide. Those that are in the trenches everyday, fighting their lonely battles.

Here at Between the White Lines is a place you could begin to call your tennis home.

A chance for two days of the year to listen to masters of their craft, share openly from their hearts all their knowledge and success. For many of you to actively look to meet up and collaborate. Something that you can take away with you and start implementing the very next day.

To see tennis legends that you have only heard about and little chance of having access too. but for two days have the chance to meet, discuss the business of the game and how you could recruit, retain, tennis players around the world, post code by post code.

Just think of what the cost to you, your organization would be if you were NOT here?



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