Ryan Hanrahan

Ryan Hanrahan

Maths Degree Systems Developer Social Media Expert Level 3 AATC and ATPCA coach

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Ryan Hanrahan, expert in entry point level beginners to intermediate players to get them to learn and play Tennis as quickly as possible. Special attention on those who struggle to pick up the game and those with the lack of confidence.

My focus is on having a strong system for Tennis like Soccer where you sign up to play. We call this Matchplay. It is modified for all ages and abilities.

It’s all about learning efficiently to gain confidence. With lots of study in many sports and academics we found that learning by correcting “mistakes” is the fastest way to learn.

We then use lessons to compliment the Matchplay to improve faster. It’s all about playing the game rather than just learning Forehand, Backhands, etc. I come from a performance-based program as a Junior but in Swimming (Swimming 8 times a week, On occasion in the same session as Ian Thorpe) not Tennis. The structures they have in swimming really are miles ahead of the game in Australia compared to Tennis including the Training.

I did a Maths degree as I am very analytical and love to solve problems. I am dedicated to using these skills to collect data and have systems to help Tennis grow.

BTWL is a very exciting platform to help Tennis-preneurs unite and Make Tennis Great Again postcode by postcode using the Podium to Platform method. Putting all these together gives me the drive we can really get a lot more people playing tennis again across all levels, ages, locations.

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